Crude oil desalters

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GazTech’S crude oil desalters are recognized in the onshore & offshore industry for their consistency and efficiency. Each new design or revamp modifications takes into consideration all critical field parameters to guaranty the highest performance of your electrostatic coalescers. The extensive field experience of GazTech’S engineers insures the highest degree of technical expertise.

Challenging conditions call for innovative solutions


Electrostatic Coalescence

Separating water from oil can be challenging, simple gravity settlement being very inefficient, new technologies had to be developed. As most of the produced water (carrying salts and other contaminants) is emulsified with the oil in the form of very small droplets, it does not separate easily.

Coalescing these small water droplets into larger ones increases their size and allows them to then fall by gravity. This coalescence is induced by a high voltage electrostatic field applied between grids in the electrostatic coalescer.

Custom distribution

Mixing valve

The main challenge using this method lies in achieving the perfect coalescence. GAZTECH’S custom distribution of the emulsion, uniformly spread directly in the high voltage electrical field, providing the maximum usage of the treatment surface area.  Our designs vary from 2 to 3 grids depending on the application and the requirements. The designs can include 100% redundancy of the system with less or even no chemical addition.

High efficiency mixing valve

GAZTECH’S proprietary valve is specially designed to meet the most challenging specifications by generating uniform droplet size between produced water and dilution water creating the perfect population of water droplets for the optimum emulsion and continuous coalescence.

Transformers (Power Units) & Electrical Bushings

Typical crude oil production train

Sealed, oil filled, ATEX certified heavy duty  with 100% reactance, our power units are ranging from 25-250 Kva, complete with double bushings & intermediate high voltage protecting chamber . They are designed to prevent overloading during transient short circuit conditions and are able to automatically readjust the voltage level applied to the electrode when the upset has cleared.

Technical field services and spare parts

GAZTECH not only designs, fabricate and builds electrostatic coalescers but also support its customers operations with maintenance services. Pre-commissioning, commissioning, startup, shutdown repairs, inspections or replacement of spare parts equipment, our experts travel worldwide on a regular basis helping our customers.  Our detailed preventative maintenance program, spare parts supply and replacement often prevent very costly equipment failure. Our contract service agreements with prequalifications of our personnel for site visit allows for a most efficient, timely response making GAZTECH’s services equal to none.

Revamping and upgrading

Thousands of outdated, undersized or simply inefficient designs are being used in our Oil field. GAZTECH’s mission is to upgrade and revamp at minimum cost. All our equipment is customizable and adaptable to any production separators. Whether you need a simple equipment replacement or a major capacity increase our engineering team will design the most adapted, cost efficient solution. GAZTECH’s field specialists will then manage the modifications on site providing a complete turnkey solution.

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