Pipeline Repair

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Gaztech provides the temporary or permanent repair solution for all types of pipelines: 


Defectsin pipelines may be repaired by a variety of methods. Those that have been commonly used by pipeline operators include:

  • Removal of a section of pipe and replacement with new pipe
  • Grinding an anomaly to significantly reduce its effect as stress concentrator or site for crack initiation
  • Reinforcing a defective piece of pipe with an encircling sleeve
  • Placing a sealed pressure containment device (clamp or sleeve)over a defect, including one that is leaking
  • Applying a composite wrap over corrosion and blunt wall-loss defects
  • Placing a patch or sole (partial encirclement reinforcement device) over a defect
  • Hot tapping to remove a defect


1.       automatic welding,semi-automatic welding, manual welding).

2.       Polymer pipes welding.

3.       Metal cutting (ferrous and non-ferrous metals) using traditional, air plasma and laser cutting technologies in manual and automatic mods.

4.       Air plasma gouging.

5.       Surfacing of metal(restoration of initial dimensions).

We performs the whole complex of works on welding,surfacing and cutting of metals.

Our scientific production company TekhnotronLLC  have developed the whole complex ofair-plasma, laser and common gas-air technologies welding & cutting equipment with automatic and manual applications.  

These technologies allow welding and surfacing ofboth conventional metals and non-ferrous metals cast iron, stainless steel,

We perform cutting of metal up to 250 mm thickboth with the use of automatic technologies as well as manual methods.

Our organization has accumulated a lot ofexperience in implementation of above works. We own a laboratory of non-destructive and destructive methods of qualitycontrol of works performed.

Our organization carried out the whole range ofworks on welding of pipelines, reservoirs of various capacities, metalstructures (    including bridge), streetgas pipelines (including polyethylene pipes). The works were carried out bothin the regions of the Far North and in the Southern regions of the RussianFederation.
Automaticwelding for large diameter of pipeline.Pipeline base metalrestoration using plasma welding

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